ACECAD OS/2 Tablet Driver / Control-Panel program V1.20

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** README.DOC  --  May/30/1995


        ACECAD OS/2 Tablet Driver / Control-Panel program V1.20


Installing the ACECAD OS/2 Tablet Driver and Control Panel


Note!   The installation need the mouse operation. Please keep the pointing

        device you are using in operation.

We provide you an easy Auto-Install program to install the driver and the

powerful control panel program for your ACECAD tablet. To run the INSTALL

program. Please complete the following steps :

1. Insert the Drivers/Utilities diskette in your floppy drive.

2. Open Drive A(or Drive B) which you put the diskette in.

Note    If you don't have mouse please refer to your OS/2 manual for the

        instructions on using keyboard to open object, or please display

        the OS/2 prompt and type A:(where A = the designation for your

        floppy drive)and press <Enter>, then type CD  \OS2DRV and press

        <Enter>, then type AINSTALL and press <Enter>. After you finished

        the installation please skip to step 5.

3. Open the "OS2DRV" folder.(Do not run the "INSTALL.EXE" program)

4. Double click on the "AINSTALL.CMD" icon in the "OS2DRV" folder

        window and follow the directions on the screen.

5. Please close all opened application programs and Shut Down your

        OS/2 system. Then Turn Off your computer.

6. Refer to the Quick Start Instructions and complete the cable

        connection of your tablet and then turn on your computer.

When the OS/2 system is started, the ACECAD tablet driver will check the

existence of the tablet and determine the actual active area size of the

ACECAD tablet you have connected. And you will find an icon named 

"ACECAD Tablet Control Panel" on the Desktop of your OS/2 system. Double

click on it will open the powerful Tablet Control Panel.

Note    If the auto-detection is successful, the system will beep once.

        If the tablet is not found, the system will beep twice and warn

        you with the error message. In case of unsuccessful detection, 

        please shut down and turn off your system and check the cable 

        connection then start your system again.



    The easy Auto-Install program will build an icon of ACECAD Control

Panel program on the Desktop of your OS/2 system. With the Control Panel

program, you can customize the use of your tablet including Button

Assignments, Tracking Area, etc. For increased comfort and ease of use,

you can adjust the Tracking Area to 2"x2" to correspond to the entire

Desktop screen. With it you can make menu picking as easy as a flick of

the wrist.

After you open the Control Panel icon, the Control Panel Window displays

three sections and four buttons. Please refer to the following for a

description of each function :

1) Tablet Status :

   This section will display information about your tablet.

2) Button Assignment :

   There are three drop-down list boxes and a check box. With those drop-

   down list boxes you can set your transducer type and change the button

   function assignments individually. We also provide a default setting

   check box. If you checked it, all the button function assignments will

   be restored to the default setting and you will not be able to change

   any button function setting.

3) Tracking Area :

   The default tracking area is the whole active area of your tablet.

   With the operations in this section, you can change the tracking area

   to a small one to correspond to your entire OS/2 Desktop. This will

   increase your comfort and make your object picking easy and quick.

   Please see the following description for further details about the control


   Set Area - If you click on it, the screen cursor changes to a cross. At

              this time you can start setting the area you want to use as

              the tracking area.

   Preserve Aspect Ratio - For tracing or precise drawing, you will probably

                           want to preserve the aspect ratio. For the users

                           who use the tablet for object picking or general

                           functions, this function is not required.

   Using whole tablet - With this check box checked, you will use the whole

                        active area of your tablet to correspond to your 

                        entire OS/2 Desktop. 

   Entry Fields - There are six entry fields in this section. You can use

                  the arrow button to increase and decrease the value to

                  set the tracking area size and position or key-in the 

                  desired number to set the size directly in these fields.

                  The numbers are represented as inch.

4) other buttons :

   All the operations described above will not take effect unless they are

   specified by clicking the "OK" or the "TEST" button. There are four

   buttons in the lower right corner of the Control Panel window. Please

   see the following for the button's functions:

   OK - If you click on it, all the modifications that you have made will

        take effect. Then the setting will be saved to hard drive and quit

        the Control Panel program.

   Cancel - This function will discard all your modifications and quit the 

            Control Panel program.

   Test - If you click on it, all the modifications that you made will take 

          effect but nothing will be saved to hard drive. This function 

          will not quit the Control Panel program.

   Revert - This function will discard all the modifications you made and

            restore all the settings to the same setting as the last time

            you saved to your hard drive. 


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