8.3 AMP Installation for OS/2 & eComStation The Installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP under OS/2 and eComStation

Alexander Son(soneus@7xx.org)

AMP means the package of Apache, MySQL, PHP and AMPOS2 means the package of Apache for OS/2, MySQL for OS/2 and PHP for OS/2.

1. how to get AMPOS2

가. searching

You can get AMPOS2 from searching.(Strongly recommendation)

You can see this site http://amp4ecs.de. And you can download ampos2-20081227.wpi version. (The version which you can download in sep. 2, 2009 is AMPOS2 (53,4MB) Apache 2.2.11, MySQL 5.1.30, PHP 5.2.8, phpMyAdmin 3.1.1.)

나. hobbes server


In this case, you must download each of them individually.

다. Using each web site


In this case, you must visit each web site.

2. setting before installation

Double-click and run the file after downloading.

Click "Next"

You can see the version of each programs. Click "Next".

This is asking whether you agree with the licenses or not. There are 3 licenses; Apache, GNU General Public, PHP.

Input the installation directories. If not existing directories, installation progrom will make them.

If you can see this screen, it means setting is over and now ready to copy.

3. Installing

You can see the time and process of installation.

You can see the message and the folder "AMP for OS/2".

4. configuration and running of web server

For configuration, you can modify "conf/httpd.conf". Refer to the Apache web site(http://www.apache.org). It's same under Linux.

Click "startup.cmd" in the apache2.

5. Checking

If you can see this, you did very well.

This is php information.

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